Water Resources

Water Consumption

VGG rainwater holding tanksThe design uses a fraction of the water drawn by the existing farm operation. Since this is a hydroponic closed greenhouse system, the facility will be able to recycle 85% of the water used for irrigation. Rainwater collected from the greenhouse roofs and stored in cisterns (2,000,000 gallons) on site will be used to supply the greenhouses with 30,000 gallons per day of new water for irrigation. By relying primarily on rainwater as the source, and the recycling of irrigation water, this project will not adversely impact Charlton’s water resources.

Stormwater Management

Rainwater recapture is an integral part of the proposed development. To comply with stormwater regulations, approximately 45% of rainwater captured from the greenhouse roof is diverted to rainwater collection basins (approximately 2,000,000 gallons peak capacity). The remainder of stormwater captured from impervious surface is recharged to the Site.