Traffic is minimized by integrating considerable automation into the operation, thus reducing employee counts. Commercial deliveries are also low relative to other greenhouse operations since the finished product is substantially low volume due to extensive on-site processing. There is no public traffic to the cultivation facility.

  • Workers/Personal Vehicles: At full capacity, this facility will have shifts of 150 employees, two shifts per day, six days per week
  • Inbound Delivery Vehicles: Inbound deliveries are estimated at 10 trucks per day
  • Licensed Product Transporters: Outbound transportation of finished product is estimated to be between 10-20 deliveries per day. Licensed transport operates out of discreet, compact delivery vans by state-licensed transporters

The Town of Charlton engaged WSP which conducted a peer review of VGG’s traffic study. WSP concluded that the “intersections of Old Worcester Road at L Turner and Worcester Road at Morton Station Road are both anticipated to continue operating at acceptable levels of service.”