Odor and Noise


Adverse impacts from odor to abutters is a common concern of any agricultural operation. In the case of indoor cannabis cultivation, properly designed facilities have proven to keep odors within the facility. Key elements of the design include:

  • Closed, sealed greenhouse; there is no natural or direct exhaust from the facility
  • Activated carbon filtering within the greenhouse and on all exhaust vents
  • Balanced mechanical system to maintain pressurization and ensure no air escapes unfiltered


The sound emissions from the entire cultivation and cogen facilities, will be specified and designed to address compliance with the MassDEP noise guidelines and Town of Charlton Standards.

Abatement methods to be employed will include the following:

  • Use of sound-attenuated enclosures
  • Development of acoustically-designed buildings
  • Installation of mufflers where needed
  • Use of sound barrier walls and reduced-noise fans