Landscape and Lighting

VGG rendering view from driveway
Landscaping is proposed in the Site Plan to minimize impacts to abutters by screening lighting glare from headlights, parking and circulation lighting, and greenhouse operations, while minimizing glare from security lighting along the perimeter fencing.
Plantings are also proposed in the Site Plan to screen equipment, including the cooling towers, gas storage tanks, any utility distribution equipment, and ancillary structures that are visible from abutting properties.


A business sign is proposed at the Old Worcester Road entrance in accordance with the bylaw and DPH/CCC regulations. Additional signage along the entrance (prior to the security gate) will clearly communicate the Site is not open to the public.

Protection of Significant Natural and Man-Made Features

VGG will minimize impacts upon man-made and natural features of the property. The greenhouse operation requires a uniform, level finished grade to properly function. All efforts to minimize the grade changes of the natural terrain are made in the proposed Site Plan.

Further, no stone walls or historic structures are altered in any way. Alterations of existing agricultural features are made using Best Management Practices, support redeveloped agricultural uses, and subject to Conservation Commission review and approval, as applicable.


Greenhouse blackout curtainsThe proposed project will ensure lighting intrusion onto other properties and public ways is minimized, while at the same time providing adequate lighting for security and public safety.

Artificial lights will be used in the greenhouse at night, however blackout curtains are deployed to eliminate light pollution. Carefully placed security and safety lighting is designed to be functional, yet minimize impact to abutters. Specifically:

  • VGG shall employ the latest lighting technology designed for minimal or no light intrusion
  • The design of the driveway, will, to the greatest extent possible, reflect the residential character of homes on the south side of the street and will not be industrial in nature
  • Specific care will be given to the lighting and landscaping
  • In order to make the 25-foot poles surrounding the exterior of the property less obtrusive, the poles will be placed as close as possible to the tree lines
  • The perimeter lighting will be controlled by multiple switching circuits to allow for the reduction in the number of lighted poles during low demand periods, while still preserving the security of the facility, reducing the potential for intrusion, and minimizing energy costs