Charlton Benefits

Charlton MA town common webcam
Valley Green Grow (VGG) is building a business for the long haul and we want to be an active partner in preserving Charlton’s quality of life and in strengthening the town’s economic position.

Financial Benefits

The cultivation center will support the economic health of the Charlton community by contributing almost $4 million in annual revenue to the town budget of $29 million. The revenue comes from development and host community agreements of $2.4 million annually, real estate taxes of over $1.5 million annually, and permitting, construction and other fees.

This revenue will potentially provide for increased funding for schools, public safety, parks and recreation, and improved infrastructure, among other services provided by the town.

Further, VGG will make an upfront payment of $500,000 for infrastructure improvements which could be used by Charlton to fund the design of a new police and fire station.

Charlton Quality of Life

To thrive, our business requires a strong commitment to support the Charlton community in ways that will benefit everyone while safeguarding a strong quality of life and protecting valuable environmental resources.

Our company is committed to protecting the rural character of Charlton while delivering substantial economic growth with minimal footprint.

Employment Opportunities

VGG will provide career opportunities from construction jobs to hundreds of permanent jobs. Many of these jobs are professional level positions requiring technical skills in agriculture, horticulture, manufacturing, engineering, security, and building trades. Our development agreement with the town requires special consideration for Charlton residents who apply for positions at VGG.


Download: VGG Community Host Agreements

More Information: Visit the Town of Charlton website.