About VGG


Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein
Valley Green Grow is led by Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein, a well-known researcher, clinician and professor in the field of radiation oncology.

Dr. Goldstein became interested in the use of medical cannabis for the control of pain, nausea and appetite improvement in cancer patients soon after moving to Israel, where medical cannabis has been in use for over a dozen years. He found that patients who suffered from cancer were using much lower doses of opiates and were not having as many of the adverse side effects as seen in his patients in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Dr. Goldstein became Residency Director at Sheba Medical Center in 2013 where he has been providing clinical care, teaching residents and conducting retrospective and prospective clinical research. Dr. Goldstein’s primary research interest was the development of methods to reduce tumor motion when patients with breast, lung and upper GI tumors receive radiation treatments. His group was recently granted a patent in the EU for methods developed under Dr. Goldstein’s direction.

With the greater acceptance of medical cannabis within the Commonwealth and across the country, Dr. Goldstein realized that research to better understand and quantify the medicinal benefits of Cannabinoids is now possible. He is Vice Chairman of the Cannabis Research Center, Sheba Medical Center, Israel and is working to establish collaboration for medical research between Israel and Massachusetts.

Previously, Dr. Goldstein was the Medical Director of Radiation Oncology, Lowell General Hospital, Lowell, Mass from 1991-2012, and Assistant Clinical Professor of Radiation Oncology, New England Medical Center, Tufts University School of Medicine from 1993-2013.